Divine Healing

Divine Healing enables you to move beyond the repetitive patterns that are preventing you from becoming your divine true self. Go beyond the physical body to the soul level for deeper healing beyond the 7-chakra system into higher frequencies of energy and enlightenment. 

Divine Guidance

Find the guidance and support you seek through loving messages from your angels, spirit guides and ascended masters. This session is designed for those who feel stuck or require clarity into various areas of their life and want a deeper connection with their spirit team of advisers. 


Spiritual Awakening

"The session opened up something for me that I was not aware of previously, and gave me new insight into what I was seeking. Now I have a new focus, a new direction. So much food for thought and expansion came out of this session."

Activate, expand and ignite the infinite heart within. This light awakening is for those who seek a deeper connection to their own divinity as well as strengthening their spiritual connection with the Divine. This is for advanced spiritual seekers with an open mind and an open heart.  

Our Methods

Each session is a unique combination of methods and modalities depending on the goals and intentions of the client. The following methods may be incorporated into a session depending on the client's goals and the intuition of the practitioner: 

Light Language, Sacred Heart, Christ Energy, Reiki, EFT / Tapping, Crystals, Essential Oils, Angel Cards, Psychic Intuition, Mediumship